Brand Babu (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie 720p Download HD

Brand Babu is a 2018 Telugu language film directed by P. Prabhakar. Diamond adult male, the son of a loaded brand-obsessed man, is simply like his father. He desires to marry the girl of the house minister however inadvertently woos her maid, Radha.

Directed by : P. Prabhakar
Produced by : Shailendra Babu
Written by : Maruthi Dasari
Starring : Sumanth Shailendra, Eesha Rebba
Music by : J.B.
Cinematography : Palani Karthik
Edited by : S.B. Uddhav
Release date : 3 August 2018 (Telugu), 09 Sep 2019 (Hindi)

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