EGO (2019) Hindi Dubbed Movie 720p Download HD

Two wealthy families of Amalapuram goes for tug of war even for small issues to satisfy their egos. The hero & heroine, who are children of these two families are also egoists like their elders and play games on each other. However, they later fall in love but unexpectedly the hero gets stuck in a crime in Hyderabad forcing them to split. The hero escapes from prison, hands over culprits to the police and gets the kidnapped heroine released. The story ends on a happy note with their elders putting an end to their egos and accepting their children’s love.

Directed by : R.V. Subramanyam
Produced by : K R Anil Karan, K R Kaushal Karan, K R Vijay Karan
Written by : R.V. Subramanyam
Starring : Aashish Raj Bidkikar, Kyra Dutt, Diksha Panth
Music by : Sai Karthik
Cinematography : GK Prasad
Production company : WAMIndiaMovies (Hindi Dubbed)
Distributed by : WAMIndiaMovies (Hindi Dubbed)
Release date : 19 January 2018 (Telugu), 06 Sep 2019 (Hindi Dubbed)


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