Kaafir (2019) Hindi Web Series All Episodes (8p)

Amidst the sprawling border of our country, begins the journey of a young Pakistani mother who comes to India under unusual circumstances and is unable to go back home. The series revolves around the relationship between this woman, accused of militancy, and her lawyer who makes her justice his sole objective. Will his mission and her dream ever come true?

Episode 1 – The First Meeting
Vedant meets a little girl, Seher, and learns that she lives with her mother, a Pakistani woman jailed in India. Vedant is shocked to meet the mother, Kainaaz Akthar, a beautiful and emotionally distant woman.

Episode 2 – A Tale of Retrospection
Determined to help Kainaaz, who he believes is not a militant, Vedant speaks to several lawyers to fight her battle in court. However, no one is willing to take up a controversial case.

Episode 3 – Truth & Lies
While preparing for the case, Vedant discovers some unspoken truth about Kainaaz. Is he about to make the same mistake he made seven years ago that left his family traumatised and haunted.

Episode 4 – Judgement Day
On learning that Seher is a child born of rape, Vedant mistakenly blurts it out in the court and hopes that the truth might help him win the case and release Kainaaz.

Episode 5 – Redemption & Retribution
Kainaaz rails at Vedant for revealing the truth. She accuses him of being the reason for her misery and tells him that she believes he was helping her just to ease his guilty conscience.

Episode 6 – Where Do We Belong?
Vedant prepares to send Kainaaz and Seher back to their country. He gives Kainaaz the hope she needs to restart her life.

Episode 7 – A Final Try
Vedant learns that his father had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Kainaaz and Seher go back to Dhruv’s house and realise that it has been ransacked. Some young men from the locality push Kainaaz and Seher in the house and set it on fire.

Episode 8 – The Last Goodbye
Kainaaz’s heart lies in India but her duties call her back to Pakistan. And so begins the bittersweet journey of enjoying the freedom of the open skies with the memories of an unfulfilled love.

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