Oh Mother (2019) Season 02 Bengali Web Series All Episodes (7p)

Saurav finds out that Diya is pregnant and the couple must turn to Saurav’s mother for help. Saurav and Pablo try to figure out how to get Saurav back in to his house. In the meantime Diya gets hit by a nervous break down. Or is it something more ? Diya’s parents pay a visit to Saurav and his family. Elsewhere Pablo trips on LSD for the first time. Guess what happens next ?

Directed by : Shaket Banerjee
Writing by : Shaket Banerjee
Produced by : Rajiv Mehra
Cast : Bibriti Chatterjee, Anirjit Roy, Soumyadeep Bubbla Bhattacharya, Duke Bose, Bidipta Chakraborty
Cinematography by : Ayan Sil
Editing by : Gairik Sarkar
Release Date : 30 August 2019 (Season 02)

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